A Number of Proposals For Calhoun County's August 7 Election
The following proposals are municipality specific, so you may not see any of them on your ballot, depending on where you live. The list we’ve compiled includes summaries of the proposals; for the complete ballot language for all of these, follow the link to the Calhoun County Clerk’s O…
BC Precinct Changes
Several voting precincts in Battle Creek could be consolidated prior to election days in 2018.
According to the Battle Creek City Commission’s agenda, the City Clerk will be holding a presentation for Commissioners on the proposed changes at their meeting Tuesday.
Recall Effort Against Albion Councilor Stopped Once Again
Calhoun County Deputy Clerk of Elections Terri Loew says Thursday morning that on Wednesday, the Clerk's Office received a letter from Petitioner Tom Lowe. In the letter, Lowe says that he was "satisfied" with Sonya Brown's side of the story, regarding her alleged treatment of Ci…

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