White Men Not Allowed
Well, well, well now we see what the Democrats really think about equality.
The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is looking to fill some open positions in their technology department but not with white men.
Fox News is reporting that the Democratic National Committee data services manager is lookin…
Election Work!
The November election is fast approaching, and the City of Battle Creek is looking for those interested in being an inspector.
DNR Recruiting Officers
Are you thinking of a career change, or perhaps know of someone who needs a career? Well, according to the Associated Press, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources is looking for a few good conservation officers.
An academy for prospective officers will be held next July at the Michigan State P…
Local Jobs Disparity Continues
The latest west Michigan economic outlook from Dr. Brian Long, director of supply chain management research at Grand Valley State University, shows something we have continued to see for some time: good paying jobs with no one to fill them...
Tips To Prep Your Resume
Are you looking for a new job?  Are you ready to take a step into a new career path? You can't miss the Battle Creek Job Fair on October 22. Here are some tips for preparing your résumé for this event so you can have best interview ever!
Job Outlook Improving
You might not notice it, but a local group says more people are starting to get jobs in the Battle Creek area, and in many areas around the state.