Are Calhoun County Farmers Facing A Federal Land Grab?
Early this year, President Joe Biden signed an Executive Order. It was described as a way to handle the climate crisis at home and abroad. As more people get a chance to read over the long and detailed document, they are focusing on a provision calling for placing 30% of US lands and waters into conservation protection...
Teacher Accuses Future Farmers as Murderers
A Florida middle school science teacher bullied and called his Future Farmers of America (FFA) students murderers'. The Daily Caller reported that the teacher, Thomas Roger Allison Jr., allegedly stated the following to his students: When the animals’ throats are being slit, they are calling out your names, asking why you are not coming to save them The good news is that the Marion County School d
MI, Farmers & Immigration
Apparently Michigan farmers are concerned about what some are calling stricter illegal immigration enforcement by President Trump. The Michigan farmers are worried that this new idea which is basically saying that we will now follow the law of the land could hurt their businesses because they have already have a shortage of migrant workers...

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