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GM Flint Looking For Temporary Workers Soon!
GM has announced that they will be upping their truck production by pushing for 1,000 extra units every month. This means that GM Flint will be looking to hire a few hundred temporary workers to fill those demands. General Motors just announced its increasing production of its Chevrolet Silverado HD and GMC Sierra HD full-size pick-ups at Flint Assembly by 1,000 trucks per month, starting in mid-J
GM Announces Major Layoffs At Flint Plant
The GM factory located in Flint was just hit with some major layoffs with a huge portion being permanent. This couldn't have come at the worst time. The pandemic has already set record unemployment rates throughout the country and now GM has to lay off pretty much half its staff...
A New Logo: What’s the Big Deal?
In the past week, both General Motors and Burger King have unveiled new logos. There are times when I think, what's the big deal, but then I realize, if it matters to someone, it is a big deal. I know more about sports team logos, and trust me, a bad logo for your favorite team can make you cringe every time you watch a game or even a highlight.

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