Michigan Democrat Governor Hopefuls Want $15 Minimum Wage
The Detroit News is reporting that the Democrats running for governor of the state of Michigan are backing a $15 minimum wage effort.
According to the article former state Senate Minority Leader Gretchen Whitmer, former Detroit health director Abdul El-Sayed and entrepreneur Shri Thanedar all agree t…
Who Could be our Next Governor
Well we just finished one election cycle and now on to the next.  Former Democrat State Senator Democrat Gretchen Whitmer has thrown her hat into the ring to become Michigan’s 49th Governor.
This is no surprise I have been hearing for quite a while that Ms...
Gov. Snyder's State of the State Speech
His tone was serious, and you can tell that he realized he dropped the ball badly and he says he is going to make it right.
Was the speech enough?
That question could never be answered in the affirmative only after one speech.  It could take years to make this right...