Hateful speech U of M

University of Michigan and Free Speech
University of Michigan President Schlissel told the Detroit Economic Club that he intends to allow the “white supremacist” to speak at the University.
The Detroit News is reporting that the U of M President stated the following at the Detroit Economic Club:
If the University of Michigan does not allow…
U of M Student, College Campuses and Hate Crimes
A 21 year old University of Michigan student Halley Bass pled guilty the other day to fabricating a “hate crime” in which she told the police an unknown white male approached her and slashed her face with a safety-pin.
Ms. Bass admitted she scratched her own face with a pi…
Chalk Writings on University of Michigan's Campus
Are the words "Stop Islam," "Build the Wall," "Stop the Rape of Europe," and "Trump 2016" hateful bigoted words?
Well some students and administrators at the University of Michigan believe so, do you?
The Detroit Free Pr…