Area Hospitals Set Up Flu Precautions
The Bronson system is restricting hospital visitors to those 15 years of age or older, along asking visitors to follow some health based guidelines. That includes Bronson Battle Creek, and Bronson Methodist Hospital in Kalamazoo.
Doc: Flu More Troublesome Than Plague for Battle Creek
Calhoun County's Chief Medical Officer Dr. Gregory Harrington - an infectious disease specialist with Bronson Battle Creek - tells WBCK a recent confirmed case of Bubonic Plague in Michigan is highly unusual. Harrington also says the flu presents more of a public health risk than the Plague...
Doc: For Us Priority is Flu, Not Ebola
Calhoun County Chief Medical Officer Dr. Gregory Harrington of Bronson Battle Creek Hospital tells WBCK's Richard Piet that Ebola — despite its vast coverage in the media — won't affect most people.
But the flu will.
So, a flu shot should be on your agenda in order to presen…