Parents of Bullies Could be Jailed
Do you think the parents of children who bully other children should face financial penalties and jail time?
Well a town in northern New York does.
The New York Daily news is reporting on a new law in North Tonawanda New York that just approved a new law which would do exactly that...
Faith and Government
Since when does faith become an obstacle to work in government?
Apparently today it is, at least for some people!
The Daily Caller is reporting on the grilling of Amy Barrett, a Notre Dame Law professor who has been nominated by President Trump to serve on the U...
Railroad Photography Illegal
Have you noticed a trend in people taking pictures of their kids on railroad tracks and posting them on Instagram and Facebook?  It turns out, they're breaking the law.
Full Nudity No Booze
A bill that would continue to prohibit strip clubs whose dancers are fully naked to serve alcohol just passed the Michigan Senate.
It had been illegal to serve alcohol in fully nude strip clubs but a Federal Circuit Court of Appeals (6th) in 2007 overturned that ban...

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