Strike the Teacher Strike Law
We are all aware of the issue of teachers striking illegally in Michigan.  Detroit Public School teachers are the latest examples of illegal strikes.
Now it appears the Michigan Senate has had enough.  There are three news Senate Bills 713, 714 and 715 which were introduced in Michigan’s Senate to at…
Illegal Immigrants Should Stay
Republican presidential candidate, Senator Marco Rubio, believes people who immigrated to the United States illegally but have not committed any major crimes should be allowed to stay in the United States.
What is considered a “major crime”, his reply was, a felony...
Teachers, Merit Pay and the Law
Why are public schools breaking Michigan law?
Interesting how the public schools call for people to follow the law when it suits them and then turn around and not follow the law when it appear not to.
The Michigan legislature passed a law in 2010, signed by Governor Granholm, which required all school…
Religious Freedom: To Be or Not To Be
Michigan lawmakers passed a faith-based adoption agency bill and now it is on to Governor Snyder for it To be or not to be.
The Detroit News is reporting that Michigan’s Senate passed the bills on a party-line vote of 26-12. The...
Chimpanzees and “Personhood” Rights
You are going to love this one.
Do you believe chimpanzees deserve “personhood” rights and all that comes with those rights?
Well apparently some do.  And time and money is being spent in New York to answer this question.
According to an article in the UK’s Guardian “representatives for two chimpanzees…
Murder Registry In Michigan
Does Michigan need a murder registry similar to our Sex Offender Registry?
That is one concept that is being discussed in the halls of our legislative buildings.
I recently read an article in by Angie Jackson discussing this issue...

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