Bill To Allow Ex-Felons To Vote
Michigan Congressmen U.S. Rep. John Conyers (D-Detroit), has just reintroduced a bill in Congress that would allow ex-felons to vote in federal election, according to an article in the Detroit News.
This legislation would look to develop uniform federal standards for restoring the voting rights of fe…
Perhaps Michigan’s new revised gun bills to 'streamline' the concealed pistol permit process, is not such a bad idea or maybe they are.
I just read an article this morning in by Matt Vande Bunte, which depending how you think about it justifies or proves they are w…
Teachers Considered Cops?
I read an interesting article today in The Daily Caller: It asked if teachers are cops.
In reading the article, I found out that the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments on Monday asking that exact question.
According to The Daily Caller, the case, Ohio v...
We're All Criminals In MI
You are probably going to break the law today if you live in Michigan, and you will not even know it.
I just read an article by Ingrid Jacques in the The Detroit News and apparently Michigan has so many laws on the book that our politicians have no idea what they are.  I...