Kalamazoo Set To Ramp Up Lead Pipe Replacement
The City of Kalamazoo is planning on working quickly to replace lead water lines.
MLive reports that at this time, almost 3,000 lead service lines have been identified in the city, and there are still around 7,300 lines that the city doesn’t know the material of...
Water Testing Nationwide a Problem
In researching this Flint water issue I came across an article in Mlive.com which is reporting that water testing for lead and copper in municipal drinking water is a nationwide problem, not only a problem in Flint.
Researchers at Virginia Tech University believe the 1991 EPA rule that regulates how …
Gov. Snyder, Flint Water Crisis and Blame
In an interview with Ron Fournier of the National Journal and being reported in the Detroit Free Press Governor Snyder admitted that he made mistakes in the handling of the water crisis in Flint.  Governor Snyder is quoted in the article saying the following:
"It makes you feel terrible…