Supt: Lakeview Ahead on Equity
The state Board of Education in Michigan, in September 2016, issued recommended guidance and language associated with protections for LGBT students. Superintendent at the Lakeview Schools in Battle Creek, Dave Peterson, tells WBCK his district was working long before that on equity issues...
LGBT Now Ask for Exclusion
The LGBT community at the University of Oklahoma are now asking for exclusion not inclusion.
Odd is it not?
As being reported in an article in Campus Reform, the LGBT community at the University is asking for and will soon receive their own student lounge/study area...
Religious Freedom: To Be or Not To Be
Michigan lawmakers passed a faith-based adoption agency bill and now it is on to Governor Snyder for it To be or not to be.
The Detroit News is reporting that Michigan’s Senate passed the bills on a party-line vote of 26-12. The...
Men In Woman’s Locker Room?
As a woman, would you want to find a man in your local gym's locker room?
Well, that happened to Yvette Cormier at a Planet Fitness in Midland, Mich., according to the TV station WNEM.
One more thing you should know: when Cormier complained to management, Cormier's member…

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