Gay Coffee Shop, Christians and the ACLU
We have all heard and read about bakers who have denied requests by gay couples to partake in their nuptials and bake a wedding cake for their wedding.  The bakers had denied the gay couples request on religious grounds.  What you must know is the bakers would sell them any products they h…
Can You “Out” a Child To Their Parents?
We have just been shown another example of bias in the “news”.  The Daily Beast, a far left new site, published an article with the following headline “Texas Republican Wants to Out LGBT Kids in School”.  If you were to actually read the article you find out that the “outing” they claim is when a K-…
Men in Women’s’ Bathroom
As Gomer Pyle use to say Surprise, Surprise, Surprise.
As all of us common sense intelligently thinking people were and are saying during the debate about gender-neutral bathrooms, some men will take advantage of this agenda.
According to reporting by the Toronto Star we already have our fist example.…
My Thoughts On Gay Marriage
It is fitting that the President’s current residence is colorless (white being about as colorless as you can get). In some sense it is beautifully symbolic like the white of a wedding dress or funeral attire in some Eastern cultures.