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Email From a Listener About Sanctuary Cities
I was talking about sanctuary cities here in the state of Michigan.  In fact I reported about a bill, House Bill 4105 titled the “Sanctuary Policy Prohibition Act", introduced in the Michigan House of Representatives last week which would bar local governments from enacting …
Podcast of Renk's Interview with Dr. Ben Carson
I interviewed Republican Presidential Primary candidate Dr, Ben Carson today on The Live with Renk show.
Please listen to find out his vision for our country and what he believes are the short and long term issues we face.
Click on the following link to hear my interview with Dr...
Happy New Year From The Morning Mayor
Dave Eddy, heard for years at the helm of the WBCK morning show and known as the "Morning Mayor" of Battle Creek, sends his best wishes for a happy new year! Dave is retired these days, but still stays involved with some programs at Access Vision in Battle Creek, which is where we …
Poll: Blood On Their Hands
Do those who support this Iranian nuke deal have some responsibility if there is an uptick in terrorism or Israel is bombed?

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