Who Would Run Lansing?
If the person leading the mayor race in Lansing is receiving 32% of his funding from outside of Lansing you must ask the question who would be running Lansing if he were to win.
The Lansing State Journal is reporting that 32% of the money in his campaign war chest has come from outside of Lansing...
Walters Glad To Be Mayor Again
Battle Creek Mayor Dave Walters, elected again to the post by a majority of his peers after a year out of the post, tells WBCK's Richard Piet he's glad to be back in the post.
"I didn't want to leave it in the first place," Walters said Thursday, referring to last yea…
Oil Bad Their Money Good
Why is it impossible for so many politicians not to be hypocrites?
Well, according to a Michigan Capitol Confidential article, Grand Rapids Mayor George Heartwell hates oil and believes in global warming -- but apparently loves his No...