Michigan Budget

Michigan Tax Dollars Given to Whom?
When your Michigan tax dollars are spent by your Michigan politicians should you not know who they gave your money to?
I would certainly think so.
Well your elected politicians apparently do not.
The Michigan Capitol Confidential news site is reporting that your elected Michigan state Representatives a…
Part 1 of 6: You Can Help Shape Michigan's Budget
It's one of those things which seems plausible to most, as personal finances can ride that roller coaster too. But at the same time, residents would rather not see their services dwindle because resources are scarce.
Linda Teeter, executive director with the Kalamazoo-based, non-partisan group Michig…
Bizon Discusses Michigan Budget Challenges
The state budget process is ahead of schedule in Michigan, but that doesn't mean it is without challenges.
A budget framework is out there now, but the House, Senate will have to hammer out a final version that goes to the governor.
In his monthly legislative update on WBCK, Rep...