Michigan Colleges

Not a Citizen No Scholarship
Should non U.S. citizens receive scholarships to Michigan colleges and universities?
A set of bill’s in the Michigan House says no.
Michigan House Bills 4829-4834 states that only U.S. citizens or permanent residents can receive Michigan nursing or other state competitive scholarships, student grants,…
MI Colleges Money & Sexual Assualt
Governor Snyder along with the Frist Lady Sue Snyder announced yesterday that we the taxpayers of Michigan will provide more than $500,000 to implement sexual assault prevention programs at a number of campuses across the state.
Governor Snyder has recommended and the Michigan Legislature has appropr…
MI's College Tuition Doubled
I have been asking the question for years, why has the cost of attending a Michigan public university or college increased anywhere from 200% to 400% more than inflation, almost every year?
The Detroit News is reporting on the Michigan League for Public Policy new study into the cost of Michigan pub…
The Most Assigned Text Book at MIColleges
According to a database, created by a group called Open Syllabus Project, which contains over 1 million college course outlines from the past decade it is Karl Marx’s “The Communist Manifesto”.
Yes that Communist Manifesto.
According to a report in the Michigan Capitol Confidential Karl Marx’s “The Co…