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$15 Minimum Wage & Michigan Democratic Gubernatorial Candidates
If you advocate for a $15 minimum wage should you not also pay people who work for you at least $15 and hour?
You would think that is a stupid question but in today’s politics it is not.
The Michigan Capitol Confidential news site is reporting that all three of Michigan's declared candidates for Gover…
Michigan Governor and Others Recommended Pay Raise
The Michigan State Officers Compensation Commission recommended last Friday that Michigan should restore a 10% salary cut and pay freeze enacted 7 years ago to the positions of:

Lieutenant governor
Attorney general
secretary of state
Supreme Court justices,

All the recommended raises by the …
Are Debates Useful?
With the election a few short weeks away, Governor Rick Snyder and Democrat challenger Mark Schauer faced off on Public TV last evening in the only debate you'll be able to see before we cast ballots. In a time when sound bites and "I approved this message" commercials work hard to get our…