More funding for mental health

Mental Health and Michigan
Last year the Speaker of Michigan’s House of Representatives announced he was looking to tackling an overhaul of Michigan’s mental health system.  He recently made his first step towards addressing this problem in Michigan.
According to The Detroit News the Speake…
Telling Someone To Kill Themselves: Manslaughter?
Many of you may have heard of a Massachusetts woman who was being tried for urging her boyfriend to commit suicide.  Well the verdict is in and she was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter.
According to an AP article the 20 year old woman sent a barrage of text messages such as the following…
More Uber and Mental Health Regulations
Well apparently the politicians believed that waiting one day was enough time and some are now chiming in how they will fix people’s insanity/evil problem with new laws and more money.
I could have written what they were going to say minutes after the suspect was arrested...