Marxist Professor Rakes In the Dough
Am I wrong to think if you believe in Marxism, which was the basis of communism, that you would not ask to be paid $116,000 more than the average Wisconsin family.
The Daily Caller is reporting on Erik Olin Wright who is a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and teaches a …
MI replace lead pipes?
Is it incumbent upon the State of Michigan to pay for the replacement of lead pipes in the city of Flint?
Amtrak Pays For 40 Hours A Day
Yes, you heard that right: all you have to do is work at Amtrak and fill out your time-sheet stating you work 40 hours a day, and you will get paid for that amount of time.
According to an article in The Washington Free Beacon, Amtrak’s Office of Inspector General just released an aud…
Should Mi's Politicians Receive A Pay Hike?
The State Officers Compensation Commission is considering today if your Michigan elected official’s deserve a pay raise.
Do you believe it is time we give them an increase in their salary?
The Detroit Free Press is reporting that the 7 body member who are appointed by the governor and charge with reco…