The Alligators are Circling their Prey In the Swamp
We wanted the Swamp Drained.  Did any of you think that the animals that depend on the swamp as their life blood, their sustenance, there big money and their celebrity were not going to fight back?
Because if you did you were wrong.
What Has Happened to Our Society?
Do you remember a time when government was this involved in your life?  Am I missing something here, was government always this involved in our lives, was it always the central part of the news of the day and I just did not see it.
We have come to a fork in the road when it comes to the amount o…
Should Michigan’s Politicians Receive A Pay Hike?
The State Officers Compensation Commission is considering today if your Michigan elected official’s deserve a pay raise.
Do you believe it is time we give them an increase in their salary?
The Detroit Free Press is reporting that the 7 body member who are appointed by the governor and charge with reco…