Are You Too Masculine?
Some of us men are too masculine and must take a class to cure us of this illness or some might even go so far as to say evilness.
The news site is reporting on a program designed to help us men overcome our “toxic” Masculinity...
Is Mathematics Sexist Now?
A Vanderbilt University professor believes mathematics is sexist.
The Campus Reform news site is reporting “professor” Luis A. Leyva who described mathematics as:
white and heteronormatively masculinized space
He wrote an article in an academic journal in which he complained…
Marxist Professor Rakes In the Dough
Am I wrong to think if you believe in Marxism, which was the basis of communism, that you would not ask to be paid $116,000 more than the average Wisconsin family.
The Daily Caller is reporting on Erik Olin Wright who is a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and teaches a …
The Title Husband and Wife To Exclusive
Is it no longer illegal to smoke as much marijuana as you want to in Florida?
The Daily Caller is reporting about a University of Florida professor who banned her students from using such horrible bigoted words such as “husband,” “wife,” “…