How White Are You?
Have you ever wondered how white you are, well a professor at San Diego State University has created a quiz to let you know.
The College Fix news website is reporting about Professor Dae Elliott who has decided to offered her sociology class students, a “White Privilege Checklist&CloseCurlyDoub…
Where Is This Country Going?
Is this country socially going in the wrong direction?
We see more aggression and violence in our society.  The extreme groups are on all sides seem to be taking over via violence and some political leaders and police (see Durham North Carolina) are either encouraging or standing by while this h…
College Student Attacked by the Left
Because an Ithaca College student had the gall to wear a hat with the words Young America’s Foundation, the extremist on the left felt the need to attack him.
The Washington Free Beacon is reporting on that student who attended a vigil for the women killed in the Charlottesville melee…
Political Violence and Hate Violence
Are political and hate violence the same?
The uptick in political/hate violence started in the Obama Administration and is continuing in the Trump Administration.
The question many are asking is who fault is it?
Should that really be the question or should the question be why is there an uptick and how…

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