A Beer Can, High School Students, Blood and Urine
What would you do if you were faced with the following situation?
Your teenage son or daughter goes to their high school football game, a game where a school official finds a can of beer on the ground. The school official believes the can of beer came from the bleachers where the students were sittin…
Three Rivers Student Facing Charges After Sending Nude Photo
A Three Rivers student in middle school did a really stupid thing.  He sent nude pictures of himself to some girls.  The age of the girls is not being reported, so for the sake of this discussion let us assume girls similar to his age and in his class at school...
Poll: Swearing at a Teacher
Apparently if you are a student in an Oakland California school you will no longer be suspended if you swear or mouth off to a teacher.
Students Owe How Much!
How much do students owe?
I just read an article in The Daily Caller that just stunned me.
According to the quarterly report on household debt and credit released this month by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, America’s student loan debt level has reached a mind-blowing total of $…