Non-Citizens and the Right to Vote
The Washington DC council members voiced their opinion the other day in support of a new law that would allow non-citizens to vote in their local elections.
Does this sound like a good idea to you?
The Daily Caller reported about this vote and bill.  C...
Flavor Challenge: Time To Vote!
The Wirtz Family Popcorn-WBCK Flavor Challenge is moving right along! After receiving more than 100 suggestions for a new popcorn flavor, the voting has begun.
Voting will continue at until noon on June 5. Then, the top four entries will be reviewed by the popcorn flavor experts at Wirtz F…
Prop 1 Fails - So What Now?
Michigan voters soundly said "no" to Proposal 1 at polling places Tuesday. Detroit Free Press exit polls showed the measure going down by as much as 4 to 1. Final tallies show 80 percent of voters shot it down.
Creating Informed Voters?
Last week I was asking, on my show, how can get more citizens to vote for what a candidate stands for on the issues of the day and not only by party affiliation.
I asked this question because I believe too many people vote via the letter after a candidate’s name, i.e. D...

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