How Many Wind Turbines Does it Take to Replace a Coal Plant?
As many of you might already know the Presque Isle Power Plant in the Upper Peninsula is to be shut down by 2020.
The plant is being shut down due to age and regulator standards.
The plant is supposed to be replace by two natural gas plants but the Sierra Club of Michigan would like the coal plant rep…
How Long will Your Power Be Out
How much of our lives is dominated by power.  Pretty much all of it unless you live completely off the grid.
Some of us are experiencing once again the withdrawal symptoms of not having power to our homes and businesses for an extended period of time...
Wind Energy Powered By Gas
Wow!  I just learned something very interesting, something you all should know.
Did you know that “renewable” wind energy is created using 65% natural gas?
Energy created by these winds farms is not 100% renewable, not even 50% renewable...