Michigan and a Day Without Woman
We spoke yesterday about the “Day Without Woman” march for today March 8th in Washington D.C.  Well there is going to be a “Day Without Women” march right here in Michigan today to show their support for the women protesting in D...
Girls Must Register for the Military
Yesterday at a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on Tuesday top officers in the Army and Marine Corps testified that girls should now be required to register for a potential military draft when they turn 18, just like the the boys do...
A Women Walks Into A Men's Barbershop
Hmmm…..why would a woman go to a men’s barbershop and ask for her hair to be cut?
Interesting question right?
I smell either a troublemaker or a women looking to find a lawsuit to make some cash.
As being reported in a CBS Pittsburgh news site a woman walked into an upscale gentl…

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