Yes you read that title correctly.  There is a Democrat Congressmen from the state of Mississippi, Bennie Thompson, who on May 16th introduced H.R. 5845, the ‘No Couches for Congress Act’ that would ban his fellow members in the Congress from sleeping in their offices.

Did you know that some Congressmen and women do sleep in their offices in order to save their money.  Now is it not interesting that these very same Congressmen and women who do not attempt to save a penny when it comes to our taxpayer dollars attempt to save every penny when it is their cash.

Does that not sound a little hypocritical to you?  

The Washington Free Beacon is reporting not only the ban on Congress people sleeping in their office but also Congressmen Thompson wants to change the tax code to allow House members to deduct their spending on housing in D.C. up to $3,000.

Oh it does not end there either, Democrat Congressmen Thompson also wants to turn a vacant building near Capitol Hill into apartments for House members at the expensive of, you guessed it, us the taxpayers.

By the way these Congressmen and women make $174,000 per year and the average monthly cost of a studio apartment in Washington, D.C., is $1,602.

He wants us to pay for their housing!  I would at first believed this Congressmen was kidding until I heard he was a Democrat.  They always want someone else to pay for their stuff.


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