Coming up with the perfect proposal can put some serious pressure on whoever is doing the proposing. After all, it's the moment to express all of your love while asking someone to spend the rest of their life with you.

Maybe you plan a dinner at their favorite restaurant. Maybe you take a trip to where you first met. Maybe you plan an entire flash mob to perform a coordinated dance like this guy in California did:

Whatever you decide to do, tailoring the proposal to 'wow' your person will never fail. And, that's why this Kalamazoo teacher just knocked his proposal out of the park.

Recently shared on Kalamazoo Public Schools Facebook page, Mr. Jovaughn Carver, a chemistry teacher at Kalamazoo Central, pulled off an adorable proposal to his significant other and fellow teacher, Sarah Townsend of Parkwood-Upjohn Elementary. And he did so with help from the students.

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Carver asked his students to create posters with phrases from Taylor Swift's song, Love Story. He then gathered those posters, a dozen roses, and headed to Parkwood-Upjohn Elementary to enlist Ms. Townsend's students to help him with his plan. Take a look:

Kalamazoo Central Teacher Enlists Students to Help With Proposal

Kalamazoo Central Teacher, Jovaughn Carver, organized an adorable proposal for fiance and Parkwood-Upjohn Elementary teacher, Sarah Townsend

Speaking with Jovaughn, he said that the two became best friends as teenagers when they were both attending Loy Norrix High School. Attending separate colleges, they would meet up during school breaks and finally realized that there was something more significant than friendship between them.

With the hecticness and negativity that have become somewhat commonplace during the pandemic, Jovaughn also said he was thrilled to bring an idea to the school district that would create a special and positive moment. I can only speak for myself but, Mr. Carver, that is a mission well accomplished.

Planning for the wedding began almost as soon as Ms. Townsend said yes. The couple is shooting for June/July of 2023. Perhaps a school courtyard wedding?

Congrats to the happy couple and thank you for sharing your special moment with the rest of us!

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