The state of Michigan is absolutely loaded with haunted locations…and I don’t mean the annual “haunted houses” that are put on every Halloween. I’m talkin’ ‘bout the ones that are believed to actually contain some sort of paranormal activity.

The ten locations listed below are just a tip of the iceberg. This is not a TOP ten list, just a list of ten locations, centered in the Lansing area, that are worth seeking out for more info and history. Clicking on each highlighted link will take you to their respective articles so you can read why these Lansing-area sites are considered to be hotbeds for paranormal activity.

1) Four ghosts are known to haunt the State Capitol building: a teenage boy, a maintenance man, a painter, and a roofer. Find out how they met their deaths inside the capitol by CLICKING HERE.

2) One of the area's favorite locations is Seven Gables Road, east of Dansville, where a witch was said to reside, and the ghosts of children - thanks to a man murdering his entire family -  haunt the area. Read the story HERE.

3) The spirit of a little boy living in the basement, ghost of a little girl, toys moving by themselves, disembodied footsteps, and shadow people are said to inhabit the old Munster-type Jewett House in Mason. Find out more HERE.

4) The Turner-Dodge House has a good handful of ghosts, particularly that of a bearded man who looks out the window of the top floor. Read a little bit HERE.

5) The old Stimson Hospital in Eaton Rapids contains the ghosts of two doctors: one who fell to his death by walking into an empty elevator shaft, and another by a doctor who committed suicide. There's more to this tale HERE.

6) The Eaton County Courthouse in Charlotte is notorious for its paranormal activity. Bizarre noises, disembodied whispering & voices, apparitions that appear and disappear before your eyes, furniture being moved, and footsteps are just a few of the reported happenings. Ghosts of past criminals? Maybe. There's more to this by clicking HERE.

7) There's a weird haunting inside an old 1852 blood-stained farmhouse in Fowlerville. Aside from a ghost named 'Arnold', the afore-mentioned blood stains will not wash off. Details are found HERE.

8) Students and an old man haunt three separate buildings of Holt Schools. Read about these hauntings HERE.

9) Blood Cemetery in Laingsburg is one of the area's most famous hauntings. The disappearance of the body of Doctor Blood, ghosts seen within the cemetery, and a dismembered corpse are part of this haunted legend. Read about it HERE.

10) Just about the entire MSU campus is haunted.
Dead students haunt BEAUMONT TOWER, five different hauntings inside HOLMES HALL, invisible fingers play the piano, voices, apparitions and much more in MARY MAYO HALL, children weeping for their pets are heard within the PHYSICAL PLANT, and ghosts are seen roaming around the BEAL BOTANICAL GARDENS to just name a few. Click on each highlighted link to read the stories.

Click on any or all of the above, read the tales and legends, then do some of your own research this Halloween.....

And for hundreds more haunted locations throughout the entire state, CLICK HERE! 

50 Haunted Michigan Locations

Below is just the tip of the iceberg—a list of fifty Michigan hauntings that have been "reported" in cemeteries, houses, woods, jails, businesses, neighborhoods...if you can name it, there's probably a haunting for it.

Take a look at the list of fifty Michigan hauntings below and come to your own conclusions.

Inside the Haunted Eloise Asylum

Jeepers Creepers Re-Visited

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