String up the lights and grab a warm coat because the Marshall Parade next week

For 54 years (wow) Marshall has truly been ringing in the holiday season with their annual Christmas Parade. What makes this parade stand out is that it is at night. For me, I feel the parade truly embraces the Christmas season, buy letting the lights be a major part of the parade! In fact, Pure Michigan reported on that recently...

Marshall is one of the few towns left in America continuing the tradition of a Christmas lights parade through their downtown. Thousands of people line the streets to enjoy a parade of lights, horse-drawn sleighs, carolers, holiday music and if we're really good, the arrival of Santa. Bundle up, grab some hot cocoa and join us for our 54th year celebrating the holiday season!

I adore that the parade is taking place the Monday after Thanksgiving. So when you are done making a huge meal, running around shopping on black Friday, enjoy a special Monday evening in downtown Marshall!

I have not only been to this parade many times I have taken part in it and it always reminds me of the parade in the Christmas classic 'A Christmas Story'. And just like the story, the Marshall parade is a classic!

The event is November 26, at 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM (of course on the main drag of Marshall).

Bonus Video: Marshall Christmas Parade

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