The Wall Street Journal recently published an article by Ellen Byron which gave me a little pause. The reason is because some things disappear without really noticing - until they are gone and you need them.

Ellen has grabbed our attention with this article because she is calling our attention to those things which are disappearing - BEFORE they are gone.

Some of you might say, "Really, Piet?! You're sentimental about a bar of soap?!"

Well, I see their point. But, yes. For example, when I was a kid, Irish Spring bar soap advertised heavily. In one TV spot, they had a fellow with an Irish accent singing the praises of the soap. In doing so, the camera cut to a shot him slicing a wedge of the soap off with a knife - apparently as a means of better showing off its cleaning qualities. It left an impression.

So much so, after seeing that, I was a panicked six-year-old when my mother bought some Irish Spring and didn't slice off a section of it before we used it. Yes, soap can get you clean without hacking off a wedge, like in the commercial.

Aww, childhood. Now you see why these lists can make you sentimental?!

Here are the things the Wall Street Journal says are becoming extinct right now. Do any of them surprise you?

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