We wanted the Swamp Drained.  Did any of you think that the animals that depend on the swamp as their life blood, their sustenance, there big money and their celebrity were not going to fight back?

Because if you did you were wrong.

As President Trump’s adviser Steve Bannon said:

If you think they're going to give you your country back without a fight, you're sadly mistaken

He was right, but I think what is coming as a big surprise to many of you is how ferocious the actually animalistic behavior by the “news” media, the elected politicians, the liberal pundits and their muscle was going to be.

Did you not think the political class, by that I mean the manipulative “news” media and liberals would attack like this.  Too me it looks like a bunch of hyenas taking down a water buffalo and then just mauling it and while the hyenas are ripping it to shreds the vultures are circling above them for their turn.

My friends this is the swamp these people play in and they play for blood.  Politics as I have been telling you is a blood sport.  There is too much money, power and celebrity in this game, and yes I use the word game because politics too many of these people is not only the oxygen they breathe and the food they hunger for but it is a big game to them.

Many of them could care less about the rest of the country, they only care about themselves and preserving the swamp they live in.  Many of them and I would say most of the “news” media are truly enemies of the state.

You have to come to grips with that, get that through your heads and realize what is actually going on.

Did you see this kind of reporting, leaking, and uncovering of alleged crimes when President Obama was in office, of course not?

Did you see the manipulative media continue to hound President Obama and the elected politicians with questions about the IRS, Benghazi, and President Obama firing bureaucrats loyal to President George W. Bush.  No you did not.

This is a fight for our country and unfortunately many liberal politicians some republican politicians, and the punditry on the left are on the opposing side.

It is up to us to stay strong, stay calm and keep on fighting.

We on the right do believe in the rule of law and want those who break it to be held accountable for it, but that has to go both ways.  It cannot simple go one way.

If there is real evidence of any law breaking then let the chips fall where they may if not do you think the left will accept that finding.

I am here to tell you they will not.

If Robert Mueller finds nothing. wait and see how the news media and the left will attempt to destroy him.

By the way I am still looking for the Special Prosecutor for the IRS and Benghazi debacles.

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