A happy ending. The six baby goats that were stolen from an enclosure at MOO-ville Creamery in Barry County are back home, where they belong.

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While we never know the exact details of how the baby goats where returned, it's good to know that Taco, Nibbles, Fluffy, Peanut, Pepsi, and Lady are back home. Not long after word spread of the missing babies, a social media post with a teen pictured holding one of the missing goats was brought to the attention of Barry County Sheriff Dar Leaf. Ultimately that post, along with concerned citizens, is what led to the safe return of the missing baby goats.

The group of teens who stole the goats along with their parents went back to MOO-ville Creamery and returned the missing animals. In the end, MOO-ville opted not to press charges after being assured the parents of the teens in question were taking control of the situation with their children.

The baby goats caretaker had this to say after everything was said and done

As human beings, even when we make bad choices we can always turn around and do what’s right.


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