My concern with Congressmen Upton and Meijer as well as the other 8 Republicans who voted for impeachment had to do simply with evidence.  I wanted to see evidence that President Trump’s words actually incited a riot or as some call it an insurrection in which not a single shot was fired by the people who rioted.  The only shot that was fired came from the Capitol police shooting and killing a young woman.

Evidence that never came and in fact evidence contrary to what was claimed appeared.  The FBI has has informed us that planning for the January 6th riot happened well before January 6th thus undermining Upton’s, Meijer’s, and the other 8 Republicans and all of the Democrat’s reason for voting for impeachment.

For that many Michigan County Republican parties have condemned and censured both Upton and Meijer for what they say was their duty to condemn a person with absolutely zero evidence.  Remember these guys are actual U.S. Congressmen who believe that someone could be found guilty without any evidence shown.

Photo by Alex Wong - Getty Images
Photo by Alex Wong - Getty Images
Rep. Peter Meijer (R-MI-03) -Provided
Rep. Peter Meijer (R-MI-03)

First, the Allegan County Republican Party censured Representative Fred Upton showing their disapproval for his vote to impeach President Trump with zero evidence or information to base it on. Then came the Cass County Republican Party who formerly censured Upton. Ending for now with the Berrien County GOP censuring Upton.

Now let us turn to Congressman Meijer.

Back in early February 11 of the 22 Michigan’s 3rd District Republican Party Executive Committee members believe that Congressman Meijer should be censured.

Also in early February, I wrote about the Calhoun County Executive Committee of the Republican Party issuing a formal Letter of Censure to Congressman Peter J. Meijer (R-MI).

Then came the Barry County Republicans that censured Rep. Meijer’s.

Now the 14th Congressional District Republican Executive Committee passed resolutions that call on the Michigan Republican Party to censure both Representatives’ Upton and Meijer.  The 14th Congressional District consists of much of Oakland and some of Wayne County. 

Their Press Release says it all:

Press Release

Upton & Meijer’s Actions Condemned in 14th District GOP Resolutions

Resolution Also Asks Michigan Party to Censure

West Bloomfield, MI; [Immediate Release]:  The 14th Congressional District Republican Executive Committee passed resolutions that call on the Michigan Republican Party to censure Representatives’ Upton and Meijer for their misinformed voting with Democrats and other progressives who assault our foundational principles every day.

“These individuals, when running for office, spoke words of unity and of support for President Trump” said, John Daniele (Grosse Pointe Park), Chair of the 14th District Resolutions Committee.  “Yet their actions, when our country needed unity and our President needed support, was to be among the very first in join with Democrats to vote for ‘impeachment’ even before any evidence or a Constitutional process could be started.  Michigan demands better.  This call for censure now joins other requests made across the state that made the same request of the Michigan Republican Party.”

The Meijer Resolution approved by the 14th District Committee says, in part:

THEREFORE IT IS RESOLVED that the Michigan 14th District Executive Committee hereby condemns Congressman Peter Meijer's vote to impeach President Trump.

IT IS FURTHER RESOLVED that the Michigan 14th District Executive Committee hereby requests that the Michigan Republican Party censure Congressman Peter Meijer and condemn his reckless vote to impeach President Trump.

“In the 2022 election cycle, Michigan’s Republican voters need to make a choice and make their voice more clearly heard,” said Bill Rauwerdink, 14th District Chair. “Office holders certainly take an oath of office to uphold and protect the Constitution.  But when they run on the Republican platform and expect Republican support, the elected need to know that, now more than perhaps ever, voters will hold Republicans accountable for their actions, words and votes in D.C.  The era of ‘free forming’ or voting like a Democrat, after running as a Republican, are over.  Too many have seen The Swamp and now know the dangers.”

Perhaps Congressmen Upton, Meijer and the other 8 Republicans should have waited until they saw evidence before making such an extremely important vote.

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