It seems today that eating fast food is as poor a decision as it's ever been. Make no mistake, fast food has never been particularly great tasting or good for you, but it was at least cheap and convenient.

These days it's nearly $15 to feed one person at McDonald's or Taco Bell, two restaurants that used to be synonymous with cheap, tolerable, fast food. Throw a significant other or children into the mix and you can leave the drive-thru window $35-$50 lighter in the pocketbook.

Inflation has made everything incredibly expensive and with corporations still raking in the cash, those ridiculous prices aren't going anywhere.

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Still, there will always be a cheapest fast-food restaurant. In today's world, that restaurant is In-N-Out, with menu items averaging $3.13, the cheapest in the nation.

Unfortunately for you, reading this in Michigan, the closest In-N-Out location is 950 miles away. Not exactly worth the drive to Plano, Texas.

But that doesn't mean Michigan doesn't have cheap fast food options. According to Insider Monkey, the following fast food chains are the cheapest places with locations in Michigan.

(We are excluding Dunkin' Donuts and Tim Hortons since they aren't places you'd typically go for a meal outside of breakfast. Dunkin' made the list at No. 3 while Tim Hortons ranked No. 5.)

The Three Cheapest Fast Food Chain Restaurants in Michigan

#3: Del Taco

If you're looking for cheap tacos in Michigan, Del Taco is actually cheaper on average than Taco Bell. Del Taco's average menu item is $4.72 while Taco Bell is less than a dime behind at $4.83.

Of course, there are considerably more Taco Bell locations than Del Taco. Scrape Hero data reports 10 Del Taco locations in Michigan, and all of them are in the Detroit Metropolitan area.

Michigan has 335 Taco Bell locations (5th-most in the country, actually).

Unless you're a real Del Taco fan, that extra nine cents at Taco Bell won't hurt too much.

#2: Culver's

The Midwest charm, Culver's is the No. 4 cheapest chain restaurant in the country with an average menu item price of $4.45.

Of course, you can't throw a rock in Michigan without it landing at the doorstep of Culver's. Michigan has the fourth-most Culver's locations in the country with 98.

#1: Sonic Drive-In

The cheapest fast food you can get in Michigan is none other than Sonic Drive-In. The average menu item at Sonic is $4.29, making it the No. 2 cheapest chain restaurant in America.

Surprisingly, there are not a lot of Sonic locations in Michigan despite the popularity of drive-ins in the state. Nonetheless, there are 16 locations sprinkled across the southern regions of the state.

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