The Detroit Lions open their 85th season this Sunday. Here's a trip back to 1934 and the moment they were awarded a franchise. 

We are all way too young to remember it, but the Detroit Lions used to be a power in the old NFL, from the time they were awarded a franchise in 1934 until 1957, when they won their last championship.

Here's rare newsreel footage of the executives of the team getting the news they were getting a NFL franchise back in 1934.

And here's highlights from the team's last championship in 1957, in which they hammered the Cleveland Browns 59-14. In the off season after the championship, the team traded former star quarterback Bobby Layne to Pittsburgh. It is said he cursed the team, and that is why we've never won another one since.

One day, we will win another championship. But will it be in my lifetime? I'm running out of years.

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