A deer who wandered to the shoreline of Lake Michigan and frolicked with holiday weekend tourists and townies may be immobilized and relocated by Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

You can say "I told you so." Some of you commented immediately on our Facebook post about the deer that was casually hanging out on the beach in Saugatuck, unafraid of the 4th of July weekend crowds, that it may be sick. The DNR is monitoring the situation closely.

Because the deer has shown it’s become accustomed to human presence, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources is monitoring the deer to make sure it doesn’t become a safety hazard to humans, said Don Poppe, a wildlife biologist in the MDNR wildlife division.

Holly Vaughn, an MDNR wildlife communication coordinator, said the division is considering a number of options for dealing with the buck if it becomes a safety hazard to humans.

One of those options could be chemically immobilizing, or tranquilizing, the buck.


But it is soooo nice and friendly. They can't hurt it if we give it a name, can they? What shall we call it? "Buck" seems a little on the nose. How about beach name like Biff or maybe Spicoli? Hobie? Brooks? Wait, I've got the perfect name: Sandy. Now primarily a girl's name, Sandy was once unisex and sometimes the nickname for Alexander. Sandy it is.

This probably won't end well for Sandy if he keeps coming around.

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