Whether or not e-cigarettes - the smokeless, vapor-producing, battery-operated placeholder for the traditional cigarette filled with tobacco - is experiencing an exploding growth in popularity across the country. But, should they be considered in the same category as tobacco cigarettes? Gregory Conley, president of the American Vaping Association, says no. Meanwhile, some health professionals say yes.

In Michigan, the decision one way or another seems to lie with Governor Rick Snyder, and how he'll chose to move on bills sitting on his desk.

Thursday on The Richard Piet Show, Conley explained why he feels e-cigarettes shouldn't be classified as tobacco. Friday at 8:08am, Dr. Nitin Gera, Cardiologist with the Borgess Health Institute, will speak to the other side of the issue.

Click the player below to hear Conley's assertion that working to classify e-cigarettes as tobacco doesn't make sense, and why he feels that way.