The Michigan Air National Guard base in Battle Creek continues to be at the forefront of developing cutting edge military technology right here in southwest Michigan. Three new mission sets not only extend the reach of local operations to a worldwide platform, but also continue to develop the future of military operations. They include Cyber Defense Mission, a command and control planning effort in Africa, and the Remotely Piloted Aircraft Mission which continues to aid ground fighters overseas from right here in Michigan.

95.3 WBCK caught up with Public Affairs Officer Andrew Layton who explained how Battle Creek continues to be a key location for the global impact of the Michigan ANG's efforts not only with the new missions, but also with continued work in areas around the world.

The base brought out a couple impressive vehicles to display and had some fun freebies for folks during the 2018 Field of Flight at W.K. Kellogg Airport. We spent some time with Sgt. Patricia Rose and Sgt. Jena Schray who work in the recruiting area of the Michigan ANG. They explained how the base gets involved and responds locally with their equipment when needed and also how they use the recruiting process to specifically help people find their perfect fit as they begin training.

If you are interested in learning more about the Michigan Air National Guard or are even considering joining, you can find more resources by CLICKING HERE.

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