Sometimes you have to ask yourself who did these people sleep with or what pictures they must have to actually get the jobs they have.  Just over the weekend I asked myself that very same question on three separate occasions.

The first was an example reported by The Daily Caller and came from Hollywood, when actress Debra Messing promoted a sign posted outside of an Alabama church that called African-Americans supporting President Trump a “mental illness.”  By the way what religion would accept such attitudes?  Was it possibly a place that worships Satan?  Back to the “actress” Ms. Messing, in response to the “A black vote for Trump is mental illness” she tweeted:

THANK YOU #Alabama

— Debra Messing (@DebraMessing) August 31, 2019

Interesting to note she has deleted the above tweet.

Nothing like good old identity politics; the same old, worn out and disgusting tactic used by the Democrats.  Interesting how they call themselves a big tent party but if you do not believe as they tell you to believe you have a mental illness.   I think a good case of mental illness could be made for all the people who must think alike and do not have the ability to think for themselves, I am looking at many of you in the “Democratic” Party.

Ms. Messing then retweeted a Hollywood Reporter tweet that stated:

President Donald Trump to appear at Beverly Hills fundraiser during Emmys week

She added to her retweet the following:

Please print a list of all attendees please. The public has a right to know.

Sounds like blacklisting to me, is she even intelligent enough to know the history of her beloved Hollywood and the blacklisting of actors and actresses?  I guess when everyone else writes what they want you to say all you have to be able to do is read or have someone read the lines to you.

Let us now move on to the media where the bigoted April Ryan, who works for the American Urban Radio Networks, blamed President Trump for former Vice President Biden getting caught lying after the Washington Post said a war story of his was false in nearly every single detail.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that Ryan appeared on CNN's OutFront when the host Jim Sciutto asked for her thoughts about Biden lying she immediately shifted the conversation to President Trump and said:

"Jim, what you have to look at—we are in a climate of lies being thrown at us from the president of the United States, and we're so hypersensitive about issues of lies...People who are prone to gaffes, we are now holding them to the same standard, putting a bright spotlight on—looking at it as a lie, like this president tells, versus saying, ‘Oh, that's Joe Biden. He's prone to gaffing.'"

Really lying about every detail, especially in a war story, is just a gaffe April?  You have got to be kidding me, yourself or you just are not that bright, in her case she must have pictures on someone.  By the way could Biden be charged with the federal crime of Stolen Valor?

When the host asked Ryan about President Obama receiving the honor of Liar of the Year from the Washington Post concerning his claim about everyone who wants to keep their healthcare plan and doctor can, Ryan replied...I am just kidding do you actually think any host on CNN would ask such a great question.

Now we move on to the biggest doozey of just last weekend.  Chris Hayes hosts a show on the entertainment channel MSNBC called “All In with Chris Hayes”.  He was discussing his and the Democratic Parties hate of the Electoral College when he said the following:

“And the weirdest thing about the Electoral College is the fact that if it wasn’t specifically in the Constitution for the presidency, it would be unconstitutional”

Need I have to say any more about that brilliant person and statement?  Well I will, guess what Chris, I do not know if you knew this and it might blow your mind so you may want to sit down.  Everything that is written in the Constitution is constitutional if it was not in the Constitution it would be unconstitutional.

Wow! Just mind blowing right Chris.

MSNBC is the channel most Democrats/Liberals/Socialist watch and this is the kind of stuff they hear every minute, hour, day, week and year.  Wonder why they think the way they think or at least mimic what they hear.

We have a high mountain to climb to inform these people to help us help America and themselves.

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