The COVID-19 control efforts are again about as confusing as can be. The result is a mix of control efforts and a lot of public administrators sitting on the fence not knowing for sure what to do. Lots of questions are being raised about who is saying what and based on what clearly demonstrated evidence.

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The Detroit News is reporting that based on the latest control dictates from the Centers for Disease Control, nearly half the counties in Michigan should be following the new mask guidance from the government. Far from that number are ordering residents to submit to the new mask-up for everyone indoors guidance. Even some that have notable positive test results haven’t taken that step yet. Part of the problem is the difference between positive test rates, and hospitalizations and death rates.

Some medical experts agree the COVID-19 virus isn’t going away. Like all viruses prior and since the numbers can be staggering. But immunity is built up with normal body responses, or vaccines, or a combination. Hospitalizations and death rates point to the real and immediate danger. So far those numbers have been far from overwhelming.

Most county health departments including the Calhoun County Public Health Department, are continuing to strongly recommend vaccination. But none so far in Michigan are supporting a return to shutdowns or severely curtailing personal or business activities like what we saw last year at the outbreak of the virus.

Area schools are grappling to a degree with how they will be handling a return to classes for area young people. So far none of the area K-12 schools are requiring vaccination to return to schools. That is something however that some Michigan colleges are already deciding vaccination is an absolute for students to return for the fall semester. They include the University of Michigan and Michigan State University. Western Michigan University is deciding against a vaccine mandate. But WMU is offering vaccination incentives for students and staff.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer is offering no hint that she may be ready for a repeat of closings like what she ordered last spring. And just in the past week, the nation has hit a 70% vaccination rate.

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