Four bedrooms, one bath, one killer. The price may not be the only thing that gets slashed; see Ghostface in the photos of this Lansing real estate listing.

This 1500 square foot property was built in 1911, in a neighborhood just north of the Capitol in Lansing at 809 N. Chestnut Street. The real estate listing looks like many others, and as you are scrolling through the photos, you might miss it at first. But then you go back. "What was that?" You might think you are in Woodsboro, California, as you see Ghostface, the fictional killer from the movie franchise Scream.

There he is, hiding behind the curtain, lying on the floor in the next room, in the basement, at the kitchen sink, coming out of the closet with a knife and right there, out in the yard with a rake. You may need an inspection, an investigation and an exorcism before buying this Lansing home. Take a look at the haunted photos in this real estate listing. (Don't stop scrolling until you see the bathroom.)

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