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When the press is afraid of angering the union or any customer of theirs we have a problem.  We no longer have free speech.

According to a report in the Daily Caller the Center of Union Facts wanted to run an ad in the New York state news paper City and State.  The City and State paper would not accept their ad, was it because their money was not green enough; no.

Was the reason the City and State Newspaper refused to take the money from the Center of Union Facts was due to the content of that ad; no.

Was the content of that ad so explicit that they were unable to publish it; no.

The City and State newspaper told Union Facts that they would not publish their ad because the ad criticized several prominent union leaders in the state, and those union leaders do business with the paper.

So much for 1st amendment!

Union Facts Executive Director Rick Berman was quoted in the article stating: “We’re disappointed that City and State doesn’t have the backbone to run an ad that would have been controversial among its union clients.  This is why the unions are able to maintain such a death grip on so many of our institutions, organizations like City and State are easily intimidated in the face of union power.”’

It was not like the criticism was that bad, as stated in the article “the ad was in response to a diversity campaign being run by the Building and Construction Trades Council of Greater New York. As part of its campaign the union is touting that it is diverse and welcoming to women and minorities. As the ad pointed out, all 21 leaders of the union are older white males.”

Apparently the paper thought that was bad enough that their union friends would have been upset with them.

Now how are we supposed to trust what the papers will print and not print, not knowing if they feel they are in the same positioin?

I understand the predicament they are in when it comes to money but the press is different than other industries, we use to trust them to be the honest brokers of information.

No longer.

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