This Sunday, you can be part of a unique event in Calhoun County that honors some pretty special people.  The second annual Ride for Heroes is a parade that will wind through the Fort Custer National Cemetery, Bronson Hospital, and downtown Battle Creek and Marshall.

The Calhoun County Red White Blue Foundation, along with partners JB Whiskey Old Style Grill and Everhart Customs is proud to present the 2021 Heroes Parade and Event.

Red White Blue Foundation member Dave Morgan said they’ll be keeping a tight schedule so that people can plan to be outside or at a window see the parade as it files by.

Dave Morgan and Oscar-TSM Photo by Tim Collins
Dave Morgan and Oscar-TSM Photo by Tim Collins

“The parade will feature motorcycles and some classic cars,” said Morgan.  “It’s a tribute to our first responders, medical professionals, law enforcement, firefighters, and of course, our veterans.”

Morgan said the parade will head to Fort Custer National Cemetery first, and then past the VA Medical Center.   They’ll head east and will be on Michigan Avenue in downtown Marshall at 2:02 pm, and will roll past the fountain in Marshall at 2:03, as they head to the fire department.   The parade is due back in downtown Battle Creek at 2:20 and will also go past Bronson Hospital.

He said he hopes people will display their flags as they come out for the parade.  “When we go past the hospitals, there will be people outside or watching from windows.  When we went by last year, it was pretty emotional.”

Registration for the parade will begin @ 11:30 am on Sunday, July 25th at JB Whiskey's and Close at 12:45 pm.  They’ll have a ceremony on the outside stage at noon

A suggested donation of $20 per registered motorcycle/vehicle for the parade will benefit local veterans in need and local Public Safety workers and 1st responder’s needs.  They’ll be selling t-shirts and collectible patches.

Ride for Heroes patch
Ride for Heroes patch

“Last year, we were able to buy and donate some bulletproof vests for the Calhoun County Sheriff’s department, “said Morgan.

Calhoun County Sheriff's deputies will be leading the parade as it leaves the JB Whiskey's Parking lot at exactly 1:00 pm.  The continuous non-stop parade will end up at JB Whiskey for music and fun, including a dunk tank and silent auction.

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Line up for the Parade will be as follows: Motorcycles, Specialty/Military, Classic Vehicles, and all other decorated or registered Vehicles.

Find out more at the events Facebook page.

Click here to register for the parade.

  • Who: The entire community
  • What: The 2nd Annual Ride for Heroes Parade and Event
  • When: Sunday, July 25, 2021, 11:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Where: JB Whiskey Old Style Grill, 3407 W. Dickman Rd
  • Why: To honor first responders, medical professionals, law enforcement, firefighters, and veterans

Ride for Heroes 2021 flyer

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