Is it no longer illegal to smoke as much marijuana as you want to in Florida?

The Daily Caller is reporting about a University of Florida professor who banned her students from using such horrible bigoted words such as “husband,” “wife,” “mom,” or dad” in the classroom.  If they do use those horribly bigoted words they risk losing points off their grade.

Apparently the mangrove cuckoo bird has left the mangroves and landed in central Florida.

Ms. Lee believes the words husband, wife, mom, dad, boyfriend and girlfriend are too exclusive.  Do you agree?

It does not stop there with this professor who appears to have some, let us just say issues.  Her students are also required by her to obey her “safe education environment policy” which warns her students that “any behavior or language that makes others feel unsafe or unwelcome in this classroom can and will not be tolerated.”

How are these people hired and retained at these public funded institutions?

These young adults will have a rude awaking when and if they venture into the real world.  I believe the University of Florida is doing a disservice to these young minds.  They are going to face much harsher things outside of their protective cocoons of their mother’s womb like University of Florida.

This little Ms. Hitler demands aren’t just meaningless words. She is quoted in the article that she warns that:

Students who do not meet conduct expectations will be given one warning by electronic mail, and continued behavior issues will result in the loss participation points per course instructor’s discretion.

By the way this brave professor refused to speak to the press about her authoritarian demands, interesting.

This slide into insanity is why we as Americans need to fight against this type of bigotry in its own way.  Again I ask you what do you believe has happened in let’s say the last 6 -7 years that has allowed this type of lunacy to expose its ugly head?

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