If you dread Michigan winters because they're cold and gray, I totally get that. I'm one of those people that's used "it's cold out, so I'm not going to do this.", as an excuse one too many times.

Trust me, I know it's a lot easier to just curl up on the couch and binge your favorite movies or TV show and not embrace the cold. After the year we've had, we can't stay locked away all day every day and stay sane. If you can, kudos to you. Teach me your ways.

I'm determined this winter to get out and learn some fun winter activities. Even if that means I have to dress up like the little brother Randy from "A Christmas Story" to do so.

I've always been weary of people who were like, "I love Winter! It's my favorite!" Excuse, me? Are you ill? How do you love it? Why do you love going outside and having your face hurt because the air is so cold? But, who knows, maybe if I give some of these these a try, I might actually enjoy winter.

Here's the ultimate Michigan winter to-do list...

The Ultimate Michigan Winter To-Do List

Still not sold on going outside this winter? Embracing winter activities is one of the top ways to stay positive during the cold months. Maybe you're looking for some things to keep you warm in the house this winter. Check out these cozy items.

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