There has been quite a bit of attention given to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  From Mountain Dew forgetting to put the U.P. on there can that had the map of Michigan onit to the TV game show Jeopardy making a mistake about Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Then Saturday night on the “comedy” show Saturday Night Live’s imitation of the mainstream media news show, MSNBC and CNN fake news skit called “Weekend Update” showed a map of the United States without the U.P., check it out at minute 3:54.

Then later that night, the Twitter account of the U.P. changed its name to "The Upper Peninsula of Wisconsin when they tweeted:

It became even funnier when the U.P. Twitter had a few declarations yesterday with this new "announcement":

Northern Michigan, based in Marquette, is now Northern Wisconsin University. 

And the same for Michigan Tech in Houghton, which is now Wisconsin Tech.

It is great when everyone can can some fun and laugh at themselves.

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