There are indications Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer may soon be making an announcement about allowing fitness centers and theaters to reopen. The Detroit Free Press got the inside track on the development. It’s reporting the announcement could be made at any time.  The Free Press reports the word it’s getting is that the reopening could be set for immediately after the upcoming Labor Day holiday weekend. Similar facilities have been allowed to reopen in the Upper Peninsula and the Northern Lower Peninsula. Some fitness centers have tried bucking the Governors orders. But that only got them stern visits from state workers and in some cases law enforcement officers or State Police with promises of enforcement action. The Free Press says its inside information is coming from the task force which is helping to offer suggestions to the Governor about how to handle business closings and restrictions. The Governor has been under increasing pressure, including new lawsuits about reopening the last group of businesses forced to remain closed.

A group of bowling alleys had filed suit against the Governor but then withdrew the case after hearing they’d get a chance to talk with the Governor’s virus control team about reopening if they dropped the suit.  They point out that only a couple of states require bowling alleys to remain closed and there’s little if any data showing virus transmission is heightened at a bowling alley or any type of exercise facility for that matter.

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