No time-consuming preparation and someone else takes care of the cleanup. Dining out on Christmas has its benefits. These 10 places will serve you on 12/25.

For many, the Christmas meal is a treasured holiday tradition. Only once or twice a year do we ever cook a full turkey with all the trimmings, and who eats cranberry sauce in any month other than November or December? Family recipes passed down from generation to generation are carefully recreated in the kitchen and shared with siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and kids of all ages at the magical time of Christmas.

That being said, cooking is not for everyone. Maybe, like Santa, you need some helpers in the kitchen? Have you ever gone out to eat on Christmas? It certainly has its advantages. You can free up hours of time usually spent on preparation in the kitchen before the meal and immediately move on with the rest of your holiday activities after dessert because someone else is doing the dishes.

These are the Kalamazoo-Area Restaurants Open on Christmas Day

Dining out on Christmas day frees up a lot of your time and saves the hassle of doing dishes. There are 10 Kalamazoo-Area restaurants that will be open on December 25 (and 3 are NOT Chinese.) If we've learned anything the last year and half, we know things can change- call ahead.
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Old Fashioned Michigan Christmas

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